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Masonry Cleaning Services by
Midwest Pressure Washing & Restoration Services

All surfaces are not created equal. Each different surface requires a different treatment as well as specialized knowledge and attention. At Midwest Pressure Washing & Restoration, we have the experience and expertise to treat each project with exactly the right method to insure success and complete customer satisfaction.

Limestone cleaning
Grafitti Removal
• Precast concrete cleaning
• Granite cleaning

Brick cleaning and repair
• Sidewalk cleaning
• New brick cleaning
• Sandstone cleaning

Terra Cotta cleaning
• Water repellant application
• Marble cleaning
• Other stone cleaning

Limestone cleaning

Limestone Cleaning

These photos show the results from a limestone surface cleaning on an entrance to St. Andrew's Hospital.

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Brick cleaning

Brick Cleaning

The brick on the turn-of-the-century Lake Shore Drive mansion to the right was marred by carbon from the coal era and other atmospheric pollutants.

The restoration chemicals, soft brushes, and pressure washers gently restored the red brick to its original brilliance.

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Terra cotta cleaning

Terra Cotta Cleaning

The terra cotta of the historic Jeweler's Building was restored to its original beauty. At Midwest Pressure Washing & Restoration, we have the extensive experience and knowledge of the procedures that may be harmful to adjacent surfaces, and always take the necessary precautions.

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Quintek Rotec System spacebar
Quintek Rotec Restorative Cleaning

Quintek Rotec System

Restorative cleaning with the Quintek Rotec System is ideally suited for historic landmark buildings because low pressure (22-40 psi) is used. No chemicals are used, making the Quintek an environmentally-friendly cleaning system that produces great results. This cleaning system, using recycled glass as a medium, is not harmful to plants, trees, or foliage.

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Grafitti Removal

The photos tell the story...
Now you see it.
Now you don't.

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